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The Jewish culture, of which I am a part, is known for asking questions. The Jewish religion is about asking questions. Everything about us involves a question.

So, I have two questions for you. Are you biased? Do yo...

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If you turn on the news for even 40 seconds, you're going to hear the words, “We are living in unprecedented times.”

But what does that mean for us as individuals? As leaders? As humans? As parents? As partners?

As I'm...

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There are difficult conversations that no one wants to have, and no one wants to hear but they're necessary, especially in difficult times like right now.

Those are conversations about whether you get to stay or whether you get to leave. That m...

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Don't you think it's curious that in a time when we need to socially isolate, we simultaneously need to connect at a depth we've never connected at before?

 What's important to recognize is that the connection that we're craving is not the conn...


When the jury selection began for Harvey Weinstein’s sex crime trial more than 2,000 summonses were issued, 600 jurors were called in, and 146 jurors were openly questioned. 

The process took two weeks. It was arduous. Painful. Politically saturated through and throu...

I don’t intimidate easily but when the Global Head of Talent Management of a Fortune 500 company stared at me from the Skype window on my computer, my eyebrows hit the ceiling. In the split second it takes to read someone’s face, his was a reflection of an annoyed and...


Women are manterrupted in meetings: they are unnecessarily interrupted by men for the purpose of power-tripping, marginalizing, demeaning or dismissing women. When it comes to the work environment women speak less, are more harshly criticized for t...

The author and her family


At 37, I pulled a do-over card.

Out went my 6-figure executive position, my expense account, my designer wardrobe and my NYC mindset. In came the other coast with its the casual lifestyle, the entrepreneurial roller coaster and the...

There are few things in life that are mandatory. Setting boundaries is one of them.

I recently brought in a branding expert to advise me on updating our company brand, from A to Z. She’d helped me with my book, Impact!, and I was looking forward to her clarity, perspect...

(The following is solely the opinion of the author who is just fine with you not agreeing with her. To that end, if you’re thinking about writing ugly words you wouldn’t want attributed to you on the front page of the NY Times, please don’t.)

Oh good. I got your attenti...

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