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  • When you change something, the past is the reference point and directs the action.


  • When you TRANSFORM something, the future is the reference point and directs the action.


  • Change is temporary. 
    TRANSFORMATION is enduring.


  • Change is externally driven, and reactive.

 TRANSFORMATION is internally driven and         proactive.


  • Change is built on limitations, a Fixed Mindset.
    TRANSFORMATION is structured on possibilities, a Growth Mindset.



Strong. Efficient. Effective.




THE 6 Ps OF 







“Focusing on your weaknesses is

like pumping up the flat side of a tire

-Solomonism #26.”


Business problems are often talent problems, which is our area of expertise. Transformation of a team or organization is an individual, person-by-person process which starts with the person sitting in your seat right now. Your team and organization’s success reflects the success of each individual player.


What difference would it make to your organization if you had a cohesive team that successfully executed your vision?


Your purpose is the why'

behind what you do




You know what your company does, but do you know why it does it?


The number one question our clients ask us is: “What is my purpose for being here?” We ask organizations the same question: “For what reason do you exist?” Your purpose is what we call “The why behind the what.”


Purpose gives meaning and congruity to everything you do; it is your reason for being, and it’s what you came here to contribute. Your purpose is the mega-message that threads through everything that's on-brand for your company.


Purpose focuses your efforts and direction, positively impacts your results, supports you to make more of a difference in the world, while exponentially increasing your success.


Your purpose isn’t just what you do, it’s who you are; it’s what connects you, your team, your company and your end user.


Your company’s purpose is its brand, at its best. It’s your competitive advantage because no two individuals and, therefore, no two companies share an identical purpose. Think of it as your UVP.

      -Solomonism #344


Your potential is the raw goods.

Your impact is what

you create with it.

-Solomonism #93

Pareto’s Principle:
80% of the work will be done by 20% of your team.


What if we flipped Pareto’s Principle on its head? What if you could redefine what’s possible? What then?


Imagine your organization when 80% of your team is high potential A players, driven by your company’s purpose, fueled by their passion and optimally performing.


Imagine 80% of your employees highly motivated, contagious in their enthusiasm, and eager to get to work every day to give their best while contributing their most.


Yeah, we think the same thing.


The single most significant driver of human behavior is the need to

make a difference

-Solomonism # 101

Purpose fuels passion which drives performance.


Passion, on its own, is unattainable. The only time people are passionate about their work, for the long term, is when they’re on purpose. Period.


Your team will be most passionate when they clearly distinguish the connection between their personal purpose, the purpose of your team and organization, and their customer or end user. That’s called employee engagement.


30% of your workforce? We don’t buy it!




This is where the rubber meets the road. People, on purpose, activating their potential, feeling passionate about their work and outperforming your expectations.


Highly-engaged teams increase productivity and innovation and drive results. High-performance people are accountable for their own transformation, and for their team’s growth. They increase bottom-line performance while reducing the costs of attracting and retaining top talent. 


We equip them to be in charge of their careers and lives, so they’re internally motivated to make their best and highest contribution to your organization. In return, they inspire others to do the same.


Performance isn’t a one-time gig. We think it’s all about accountability. Will you do what you say you will do when you say you will do it while including elements that may have been excluded from the request, and do it at or above expectation?


Will you show up fully in your work and inspire those around you to do the same? Sound impossible? Only if you think it is.


Allow us to change your mind.

“There is a difference in the world

that only you can make.”

Solomonism #341



We are as rich as our relationships

-Solomonism #300

Companies that have the highest employee engagement ...


  • Have 147% higher earnings per share

  • Improved 19.2% in operating income

  • Experience a 240% boost in performance-related

     business outcomes

  • Have a 22% higher profitability

  • Have 21% higher productivity

  • Experience 65% lower turnover

  • Earn 10% higher customer ratings



You get the picture. Enough said. 

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