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HAVING AN OPINION: It’s yours. You earned it. You deserve it. Your opinion is not up for a vote. It is based on your beautiful, flawed, and perfectly unique history. Your opinion is not a negotiable fact. Nor is it an alternative fact. It is subjective and it matters not if anyone agrees with you.

BEING SELF-FULL: You are lovable and worthy. That warrants no discussion. Taking care of your needs, your wants, and your desires is not selfish; it’s self-full. You can only give what you’ve got. If you’re empty, starved, and lacking then you’ll have no resources to offer others. When you are full, you are available to contribute to those around you. Make this point inarguable.

YOUR SUCCESS IN LIFE: You earned this. No one did it for you. No one can take it away. Stand in your life as a role model for others who have goals, but have yet to reach them. Apologizing for your success diminishes you and the person to whom you’re apologizing: It devalues your impact. Acknowledge yourself, if only to yourself. Yup– you’re a rockstar!

There is a difference in the world that only you can make.

-Solomonism #327

STANDING OUT: You were born one-of-a-kind, with a unique personal operating system that helps you fulfill your life purpose.  What- you didn’t think you’d stand out?! You’d have to hide in a cave your entire life, not to be noticed. You can embrace and celebrate that fact, or you can apologize for it.

GOING WITHOUT MAKEUP: Confidence is a mindset, starting from the inside and glowing outward. Makeup may enhance your physical looks but it can never replace living a purpose-driven, authentic, and heart-centered life.

BEING AN ACTIVIST: No need to burn your bra, unless you want to of course. You get involved, you are committed to having an impact and making a difference, you are accountable for your immediate and far-reaching world. You listen to that quiet stirring voice of the wisdom within you, and you follow it to execution. You inspire others to do the same. Period.

ASKING FOR HELP: Just makes you savvy and smart.

SAYING “NO”: Saying  “YES” to yourself often requires you to say “NO” to someone else. Your years of experience have taught you that saying “YES” to everything that comes in front of you diminishes and dilutes your spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical resources. You say “NO” to the things that may be important to others, but that doesn’t further your goals of having an impact on the things to which you’ve made a commitment. Yes, saying “NO” is really that simple.


You are who you are because of your history, not despite it!

-Solomonism #47

CHANGING YOUR MIND: Flexibility and adaptability are essential qualities for people who lead or aspire to lead. Furthermore, you cannot be a successful leader without also having a Growth Mindset. All of this is to say that people who are leading and evolving, both personally and professionally will, by necessity, frequently change their minds. Well done!

GRAY HAIR & WRINKLES: These are marks of life experience that beats the hell out of the alternative– which is to be dead. Enough said.

SETTING BOUNDARIES: When you set boundaries, you’re telling yourself and the world exactly what is acceptable to you and what is not. In essence, you’re training other people how to treat you. What a relief because now no one has to guess.

What do you find yourself unnecessarily apologizing for? Is there a pattern to your apologies? Do you notice when you do it? Or after the fact? I’d love to hear from you– please leave your comment in the space below.

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Nancy D. Solomon, MA Psych is the CEO and Founder of The Leadership Incubator where she helps leaders identify, address and resolve people problems before they become profit problems so everyone can focus on what they were hired to do-- INNOVATE AND DRIVE GROWTH.

Known as The Impact Expert, she is a main stage speaker, expert trainer and veteran coach who helps leaders solve key issues related to leadership development, employee engagement, and advancing women.

Nancy has made a difference for such companies as Microsoft, Target, Acura, Westin, Nordstrom & ADP as well as with many passionate individuals.

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