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'Impact! What Every Woman Needs to Know to Go
from Invisible to Invincible'


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  Chapter 7: When Your Life Calls, Answer It! 
Why your purpose should be your life’s agenda, why 95 percent of the general population is living off their purpose, and how to stop taking action from fear, scarcity, lack, or anger.

  Chapter 17: Your Inner Bag Lady

The unique relationship women have with their finances, and the secret fear we have of becoming a bag lady. Plus, how what you do with your money reflects what you do with your personal power.

√  Chapter 32: From the Ironing Board to the Board Room

Why business life and personal life were never mutually exclusive - and go together like peanut butter and jelly.


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"Nancy has done an outstanding job helping women understand what impacts their ability to live powerfully, and how to turn their untapped potential into performance in their work and in their lives. This is a must-read for women who are committed to getting more of what they want."

- John Gray, bestselling author: 'Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus'

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