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All this talk about happiness and passion and purpose got me to thinking about what would happen if we fought for our bigness with the same gusto that we argued for our smallness.

I mean what would our lives truly look like if we all reached that potential we’re always talking about? If we climbed that mountain, or wrote that poem, or started that business, or made that contribution, or dared to sit still for a moment with the only goal being not to accomplish one damn thing?

What would happen if we simply changed our attitude from what’s wrong with us to what’s right with us?

Would the world disintegrate if we saw the joy in all things? If we focused on what we’d already done instead of what we haven’t? If the only thoughts we believed about ourselves were the ones about our strength, our resilience, our tenacity, our courage, and our capacity for love?

I’ve been wondering what it would take, what changes we would need to make, in order to view our lives through the lens of personal greatness— not as an occasional exception but as a rock-solid rule? What if we stopped believing everything we think: If we set our thought filter to allow only encouragement, love, and support to seep through?

So I’m trying this experiment…. Does anyone care to join me?

PLEASE SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS in the comments below.

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Nancy D. Solomon, MA Psych is the CEO and Founder of The Leadership Incubator where she helps leaders identify, address, and resolve the people problems before they become profit problems so everyone can focus on what they were hired to do-- INNOVATE AND DRIVE GROWTH.

Known as The Impact Expert, she is a main stage speaker, expert trainer, and veteran coach who helps leaders solve key issues related to leadership development, employee engagement, and advancing women.

Nancy has made a difference for such companies as Microsoft, Target, Acura, Westin, Nordstrom & ADP as well as with many passionate individuals.


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