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Nancy D. Solomon, MA Psych changes lives,

transforms cultures and builds leaders!



Founder and CEO of The Leadership Incubator, Ms. Solomon has over 25 years of experience executive coaching, counseling, and training mid-level managers to CEOs.  As an expert in the field of human potential, Nancy has inspired thousands of people to remove their barriers to personal and professional success. 


Whether focusing on company-wide results or individual success, Nancy starts with one critical point of engagement – people’s connection with themselves. She has a magical and efficient way of getting to the core of an individual’s nature, a company’s concerns, or a team’s challenges.


Because Nancy understands what drives, motivates and inspires people, she quickly helps them discover who they are, what they do, and the impact those have on their immediate and far-reaching world.


Regardless of whether she is coaching and training 3,000 direct sales people at a Lia Sophia International Conference, 1,000 women at Microsoft’s International Women’s Conference, or the top ten executives at Washington Federal’s Executive Leadership Academy, Nancy’s expertise is crucial to the personal and professional success of every person in attendance.


Nancy is the author of IMPACT! Go From Invisible to Invincible (Wiley, 2009)


Clients hire Nancy for the smarts she brings to the table, trust her for the authenticity of her heart, and return to her because they can count on her to use both.

Nancy D. Solomon Leadership Training Expert Author CEO
Impact Book Nancy D. Solomon Leadership Training Expert Author CEO