You get in life what you have the courage to ask for

-Solomonism #112



Advancing Women...



Our most significant and enduring contribution

is our pioneering work with women in leadership




Here at The Leadership Incubator, one of our top priorities is advancing women in the United States and around the world—personally, professionally and politically.


We’re doing that by transforming the conversation about women, with women and for women. We unequivocally believe that over the course of the next few decades, women will be the main source of disruptive innovation at work and in life. The work we do is in support of that outcome.


Before we engage men as champions for women's advancement, we must first enroll women as champions for themselves. That, as they say, is easier said than done.


With too many top priorities juggling work, family, childcare and household responsibilities, most women put themselves at the bottom of their own list. Then, one day, they wake up and ask themselves, "Whose life am I living?"


Many are unable to answer that question.


It’s disempowering for women to live off-purpose, to fail to make the contribution they’re capable of making because they simply haven’t had the time to sit down and figure it all out. And if they have, they may not have the mentorship, recognition or direction to reach their goals.


If, like so many companies, you find it challenging to attract and retain top female talent, you may have already discovered that this is a natural progression of that disempowerment. It shows itself as dis-engagement, inability to make a difference or failure to get recognition for the difference she does make.


She then becomes a flight risk, but that wasn’t how it began. She wanted to have an impact. She wanted to make a difference. She wanted to matter. She discovered that it was just too hard, and not worth it.


Pay disparity, double standards of leadership, lack of female role models, sexual harassment, and work/ life imbalance are called women’s issues, but they’re not.


  • They are family issues.

  • They are organizational issues.

  • They are economic issues.

  • They are society issues.


Behind every one of these issues are people. You. Me.


We can do something about this.


Over the past 25 years Nancy has helped companies understand why they are losing their most promising women, and she has shown them how to retain this valuable talent.


In her groundbreaking Women. Courage. Leadership.TM program, originally created for a Fortune 35 company, Nancy uses a variety of vehicles—individual, career and performance coaching, assessments, group coaching, webinars, and retreats—to help women upgrade their skill sets so they can make full contributions to their organizations.


So, if you’ve ever wondered what would happen if you were to close the gap between the potential and the performance of the women in your organization, then we’d invite you to reach out to us—we’d love to help you!


Give us a call, send us an email… let’s start a conversation. No strings. No hard sell. No pressure. Just people to people. Who knows where it will lead?




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A 1-Day Excursion into the World of Potential, Performance and

Unconscious Bias.



We don’t believe in teaching you ‘what to do’ to be a leader; that’s secondary. Leading is more ‘being’ than ‘doing’. It’s the way you stand in the world. It’s how you view yourself and others. It’s a Growth Mindset. It’s bringing others along when you recognize their hidden greatness. Women were born to lead. We were born to train them.



A one-day course on women and leadership.



This is the one that gets standing ovations! This is the one they're still talking about!

This signature program put us in the spotlight for helping companies retain top female talent. Way before it was 'the thing to do' we worked with hundreds of women to turn their potential into performance.  Women were born to lead, and we were born to train them.




Have specific ideas about what would work best for your vision and goals? Terrific! Let's get together and create a customized program.  Maybe it's a one-day workshop on Executive Presence, a half-day seminar on How to Communicate with Clarity and Courage, a one-year women's Initiative to attract and retain top female talent.




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