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Want to Crush Your 2017 Goals?

I can help you!


In the next 4 minutes you're going to get all the details on THE MINI Coaching Program.

I want you to have everything you need to decide if this program is right for you OR if it's not.

THE MINI Coaching Program

This program is a great fit for you if:

  • You need a tune-up, a minor adjustment, a tweak to what you’re doing (maybe you've coached with me previously)

  • You have one little thing that’s niggling at you;

  • Your confidence needs to be restored

  • You’re ready for a raise/ promotion/ more responsibility and you need to get buy-in from your boss, but you don’t know how

  • You had a plan to launch your business and it never left the airport

  • You thought you could DIY, but without accountability, nothing is getting done

  • You hit a snag, something’s off and you don’t know what is, but you need to get untangled right away

  • You’ve not coached with me before and you want to take it for a test drive before investing in a coaching program.


Details please:

  • Three 45-minute coaching calls

  • 30 days (no extensions)

  • All calls are recorded and sent to you immediately

  • DIY assignments in between calls (this is the ‘to do’ list that’s going to take you from where you are, to where you want to be)


What it’s not:

  • In-depth coaching A-Z

  • No long-term commitment or contract

  • Not a program for someone who wants a major transformation of their career or life


  • 30 days of your time and attention

  • $895


How would a 30 day shift in your mindset, action plan and accountability 
make a difference in your life?

If this is just what you’ve been looking for, and you’re ready to get started,  
click the big GREEN button today and I'll count you in!




PS  Do you know someone who feels stuck, who itches to do something different but they don’t know what it is, who has been complaining (I mean talking) about the same thing for a long time, don't you think THE MINI Coaching would be just the thing? If so, let them know.

AS OF 10/6/17
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