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There are 86 days left in 2017.

Are you going to reach your goals this year?

  1. Did you breeze past your own expectations? (9%)

  2. Crash and burn? (20%)

  3. Stall out? (31%)

  4. Lose your way? (40%)

And what about that plan of yours? Excuse me, what did you say? You’ve never gotten around to writing a plan? Oh, that.

There are many reasons we don’t reach our goals, and not one of them has to do with how smart we are or what skill set we have.

Here are the three that I encounter most frequently:

01. Fear Mindset:

Fear is the biggest culprit of failure. Fear that our vision is too big. Fear that we’re not smart enough. Fear that others will judge us. Name your poison.

02. Inertia (aka Not Enough Action)

The greatest plan, the most brilliant idea will never succeed if you don’t take strategic and consistent action. End of story.

03. Lack of Accountability:

Hey, if no one's watching you can say that you worked your tush off, and no one will be the wiser.

May I offer you a suggestion?

You have 3 months to keep your word to yourself to make things happen. It may not be too late to reach your 2017 goals.

You'll need a plan.

  • You'll need to change your mind about yourself.

  • You'll need to get moving.

  • You'll need to create accountability.

Allow me to help you.

I made a video explaining exactly how I can help you. In just 4 minutes, I’ll tell you how you can crush your 2017 goals.

CLICK HERE to meet me on the next page, and make the choice to change things up. You can do this!

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