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At 37, I pulled a do-over card.

Out went my 6-figure executive position, my expense account, my designer wardrobe and my NYC mindset. In came the other coast with its the casual lifestyle, the entrepreneurial roller coaster and the...

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You have a hope, a dream, a vision.

The context is your personal, professional or political life; or some combination thereof.  When you think about this thing- t...

The first time I keynoted at a Leadership Conference for a global Fortune 50 Company, I learned a profound lesson. Here's the back story:

I'd spent five weeks creating, editing and practicing my keynote. My presentation coach, a legend for those of us in National Speake...

Something needed to change, and quickly.

I was shelf-worn— exhausted by the same things you probably are— straying priorities, a perpetual to-do list, and not enough resources to complete anything with excellence anymore. I work with people everyday who feel the same wa...

Sometime during the interminable Presidential campaign of 2016, a client said to me, aghast, “Seriously, you’re pro-choice? How can that be? You’re the mom of two adopted kids!” She thought these two things were mutually exclusive; for me they most definitely were not.


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