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If you turn on the news for even 40 seconds, you're going to hear the words, “We are living in unprecedented times.”

But what does that mean for us as individuals? As leaders? As humans? As parents? As partners?

As I'm...

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Don't you think it's curious that in a time when we need to socially isolate, we simultaneously need to connect at a depth we've never connected at before?

 What's important to recognize is that the connection that we're craving is not the conn...


When the jury selection began for Harvey Weinstein’s sex crime trial more than 2,000 summonses were issued, 600 jurors were called in, and 146 jurors were openly questioned. 

The process took two weeks. It was arduous. Painful. Politically saturated through and throu...

There are 86 days left in 2017.

Are you going to reach your goals this year?

  1. Did you breeze past your own expectations? (9%)

  2. Crash and burn? (20%)

  3. Stall out? (31%)

  4. Lose your way? (40%)

And what about that plan of yours? Excuse me, what did you say? Y...

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You have a hope, a dream, a vision.

The context is your personal, professional or political life; or some combination thereof.  When you think about this thing- t...

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